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Bitdefender GravityZone 6.25.1-2 Release Notes

Release interval: 2021.07.06 - 2021.07.20


GravityZone platform

  • From now on you can view the usernames of all the active users logged-on an endpoint. The new option is available on all operating systems and offers support for multiple users logged on an endpoint.
    The newly-introduced users data will become accessible under multiple GravityZone pages:
    • Network - where a new searchable column for logged-on users will be displayed in the Network Inventory and a new tab for logged-on users will be added in the Endpoint Details page.
    • Reports - where a new default and searchable column will be displayed in the Network Protection Status report.
    • Policies - where a new option allows you to control whether endpoints send data regarding user logon sessions such as: username, logon time or logon method.

    This will serve you in multiple ways:

    • As an admin, you can use the usernames in the network and/or reports to be able to reach out to the user in case their input is needed.
    • As a Security Analyst, you can correlate the information about the username with other events from GravityZone or third-party systems.
  • Renamed a few elements from the Network section: the column Machine type is now Endpoint type.
  • The cleanup rules for offline machines are now more flexible:
    • Name patterns can contain the question mark (?) as wildcard.
    • Name patterns can have any length and no longer require a letter at the beginning. For example, you can use only the asterisk (*) to match any machine name.
    • You can select targets that are offline for less than 24 hours or more than 90 days. The cleanup rules will run hourly for machines offline less than a day, and daily for the other ones.
    • The target selection now covers Active Directory inventory as well.

Report Builder

  • GravityZone Elite and GravityZone Ultra customers can now use Report Builder. Available under Reports > Queries, this feature allows you to create detailed query-based reports, with a higher level of customization than the predefined ones. See GravityZone documentation for details regarding Report Builder requirements, installation and operation.


  • The ​Malware Status​​ report has now the option for exporting report details to PDF.


  • The HyperDetect Activity report now includes the exact name of the detected threat and the file hash.


  • The Network > Packages section now includes macOS downloader, which will make it easier for you to install the security agent on different Mac architectures, whether they are Intel x86 or M1. The new downloader automatically detects the processor type and downloads and installs the right kit for that specific architecture.

VMware Integration

  • Enhanced vCenter authentication by allowing you to configure the retry limit interval and the maximum number of retries before your account gets locked out due to invalid credentials.


  • From now on GravityZone is also available in Turkish.

Product documentation

  • A unified self-service support experience with the new online help center. All GravityZone help content that was included in PDF guides, knowledge base articles and release notes, is now under one roof, in a more digestible format. Currently it is available only in English, localizations will follow soon.

Public API

  • Reports API: The createReport method has a new parameter - detailedExport, for including also the report details in the PDF.

Resolved Issues

Patch Management

  • Previously installed patches were not displayed in GravityZone after manually rebooting a virtual machine.
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