BSOD (pantalla azul) en Windows 7 después de instalar Bitdefender (o al intentar abrir Safepay)

In some rare cases when you install Bitdefender on Windows 7 computers or when trying to open Safepay, your computer might encounter a BSOD (blue screen).

What actually happens: the computer stops responding when you run an application that uses the Windows Filtering Platform API in Windows. Bitdefender is such an application. This is a Windows problem and in order to solve this situation, please install the following Microsoft Hotfix. Please follow the instructions below:

1. Open the hotfix link.

2. Accept the agreement to move forward.

3. Enter your email and specify the Windows version that you have and you will receive an email with the hotfix.

4. Save the download link into your computer (the link is located at the bottom of the email).

5. Extract the content of the archive that you just downloaded.

6. Then run the resulted .msu file.

Should the issue still persist after installing the Microsoft hotfix, please contact our Technical Support Department and send us the following logs.

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